About Us

With the beginning of the new year of 2024, we have brought for you – this wonderful website of itechnofy.com. The fundamental objective of the Itechnofy.com website is to provide correct, accurate and complete information about important things to its readers. The first priority of itechnofy.com is your complete satisfaction with the information provided on the website.

Why was this website launched:

Because when we want to get any information from any website, often there are many shortcomings in it. And we are not satisfied with the information given as per our expectations. And sometimes it is quite confusing, because proper research has not been done on it. Or the spelling of some important words is distorted in such a way that its meaning gets distorted.

itechnofy.com website has been launched with the aim of removing these common and prevalent shortcomings. So that people can get their desired accurate information about the searched things satisfactorily. For this, we do as much detailed research as possible on every topic, for which our entire team is engaged. We post the information on the website only after looking at the topic to be written from every aspect and being satisfied in every way. Apart from this, after posting the post, we also resolve the questions and doubts raised by the readers in the comment box with the same promptness. So that there is no scope for doubt.

Story of Itechnofy.com

Founder of Itechnofy.com – ‘Soni Rajput’ himself is a highly educated and reputed personality of his field, and has a lot of interest in all such interesting and trending topics of common people. It would be accurate to say that he is a versatile person. Soni Rajput ji also looks after the writing work; Who is expert in going deep into every episode and presenting it with complete immersion and an accurate and transparent analysis. And the main reason for this proficiency of the author is his own deep interest towards such latest topics. Therefore, it goes without saying that he himself keeps searching on the internet for thorough information on these subjects.

But we noticed that most of the websites providing such important information related to various needs of modern life are basically in English language. Or even if there is a Hindi ‘site’, there are so many mistakes in their ‘spelling’ etc. that we mistake it for something else. In such a situation, it becomes natural for the meaning to be distorted. Therefore, to remove this recurring inconvenience faced by the general readers, we launched itechnofy.com website in Hindi with the beginning of the New Year of 2024.

our team

There was extensive deliberation among our team members before presenting this website to you. We also needed experts on some specific subjects related to different fields, so that we can provide accurate and satisfactory information related to them to you in a better way. However, the founder and main author of this website, Soni Rajput, is very fond of reading and writing and is also a ‘scholar’ in himself, who can talk in detail on various subjects. Let us tell you that there is hardly any aspect of the field of ‘common interest’ which is untouched by us, or whose experts are not included in our ‘team’. However, the ‘writing work’ is mostly done by Soni Rajput ji. Because they are better at this work also.

Materials available on Itechnofy.com website

We, as a team of itechnofy.com, provide you with the website based on your various interests like lifestyle, fashion, business, start-ups, Navkaran i.e. ‘Innovation’, sports, new trends, astrology and exciting and strange news of national and international level. Along with information, we are completely dedicated and committed to providing all the other important information in life at a satisfactory level. Actually, we want to convey to you the information on all the important topics based on various aspects of life in an error-free manner. This service is our main focus. We make every possible effort to adapt the contents of our website to the demands of our readers, and for this we also heartily welcome your valuable suggestions.

For whom is Itechnofy.com website –

In fact, itechnofy.com website is for everyone, from students to women, men or even senior citizens. Whether you are in a job or doing any business, or even unemployed, this website will prove to be very useful for you. Because on this multifunctional website you can find almost every kind of topic of your choice.

Nowadays, almost everyone does not ask anyone to get any kind of information, rather they directly go to the internet and ‘search’ for it. And that’s good too. That is why we have created this website to provide proper information to everyone for their needs. We try our best to provide accurate and updated information to the readers from the materials given on the website so that there is no doubt left in their mind on that particular topic. That’s why this website of itechnofy.com is yours; That means it is for all the people living and living in today’s world.

Our ‘Values’ –

The Itechnofy.com website is completely dedicated to its readers. We are committed to providing error-free, comprehensive and up-to-date information on the topics you search for.