Russia Court Orders to Block Telegram Messaging App


Sad news for telegram users: A Russian court decides to block access to Telegram’s e-mail application.

In a move that could have a major impact on the way global trade in cryptocurrency is spread, a Russian court has decided that telecommunications service providers should block the Telegram messaging program, which is very popular in the country. Earlier in the day, Moscow decided to approve Roskomnadzor’s petition – so that the Russian press would immediately block the program.

In 2016, Russia introduced strict anti-terrorism legislation requiring messaging solutions to synchronize messages between governments. The telegram was heavy, those laws. The creator and CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, responded to the ban with the concept of a challenge to the ceremony. At Telegram we have the luxury that we don’t have to worry about turnover or advertising sales, says Durov. Privacy is not for sale and human rights should not be violated for fear or greed.

The Russian Federal Security Service claims it needs access to encryption keys to investigate serious crimes and terrorist acts. The telegram refused to comply, referring to the loneliness of the consumer. The company is known for providing users with secure and encrypted communication.

The court’s ruling is the result of an ongoing legal battle between the telecommunications regulator Telegraph and the FSB – the Russian Federal Security Service – which argues that the system’s security keys should be handed over to the Russian authorities so that they can access consumer data.

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