Best Rufus Alternatives for Windows, Linux, and macOS

Rufus is an open-source free software primarily used for creating USB bootable drives for windows. It is very popular in the Windows community. It is very lightweight in size is compatible with every Windows system out there but needs Windows 7 at least to operate. But Rufus is only available on Windows so users seem to be looking for an alternative for other operating systems. Therefore, we have brought a list of the best alternatives for Rufus.

  1. Etcher

Etcher is an open-source free software that is similar in functionality to Rufus but is available on all major operating systems. The best thing is that it supports all kinds of system images like ISO, DMG, IMG, etc. It is also easy to use and user-friendly. You have to just select the image, the USB drive to flash in, and click on Flash. Etcher also has a feature to verifies the images and removable drive before flashing. 

Platform Availability: Windows, macOS, and Linux

  1. PowerISO

PowerISO is a paid software for creating bootable USB drives as well as converting various image formats to ISO, mounting disk, burning disk, virtual drives, and more. PowerISO is very fast too. But, PowerISO only works on Windows operating system. It is also easy to use and user-friendly. Therefore, PowerISO is among the best alternatives to Rufus. But the thing is that PowerISO is a paid software.

Platform: Windows

  1. UNetbootin

UNetbootin is a free open-source popular Rufus alternative for Linux distributions. It is very lightweight in size and is compatible is available on all major platforms including Windows, Linux, and macOS. But it can only be used to create Linux-based bootable USB drives. UNetbootin is also very fast to flash. Therefore, UNetbootin is the best alternative for flashing any Linux distros.

Platform: Windows, macOS, and Linux

  1. Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer is a free open-source popular Rufus alternative for flashing both Linux-based distributions as well as Windows ISO images. The tool is quick and can make bootable USB drives within few minutes. The software also has an in-built USB formatting tool that can help you free the storage on your USB stick. The software is easy to use and user-friendly too.

Platform: Windows and Linux

  1. Microsoft Media Creation Tool

Media Creation Tool developed by Microsoft so that users can use it to flash Windows 10. It will download Windows 10 from Microsoft’s server and then create a bootable USB automatically. It will automatically detect everything and download the ISO based on your PC’s architecture, configuration. But it is very slow and only works in Windows, so it’s a major downside.

Platform: Windows

  1. Diskmaker X

Diskmaker X is a free Rufus alternative for macOS users. It’s a lightweight utility that can make a bootable macOS image on your USB drive. You just need to open the utility select the installation dmg file then select the USB drive and flash the image. The software is very fast too. But it can only flash macOS images. The software also supports most of the recent macOS versions.

Platform: macOS

  1. WoeUSB

WoeUSB is a free open-source software to make Windows bootable USB drive on a Linux machine. The software has an easy GUI interface and user friendly too. No need to mess with commands and Terminal! Further, it supports Windows from Vista to the latest version of Windows 10. And it is compatible with older Legacy BIOS, MBR partition, and the newer UEFI mode. All in all, WoeUSB is a godsend for people who want Rufus-like features on Linux for creating Windows bootable drives.

Platform: Linux

  1. TransMac

TransMac is a paid app to make bootable macOS images on a Windows machine. You just need to download the macOS DMG file and import it to TransMac then insert a USB drive and TransMac will automatically format the drive in APFS file format and flash the image. But it is a bit slow due to the fact that the APFS file system is encrypted. The software also lets you edit DMG and also browse through it. As well as you can access any HFS or APFS based partitions in Windows using this software. 

Platform: Windows

I guess this article is helpful to you and you will get an idea about the alternatives of Rufus. Therefore you can choose the right tool to serve your purpose. Do let us know if you liked the list and if it was helpful for the same.

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